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19. října 2021 v 20:57
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HP Wireless Printer Setup

Connecting a printer over a USB cable is pretty easy. But connecting a wireless printer can become very challenging quite often. Follow the HP wireless printer setup process to install it in no time.

1. Take the printer out of the box and remove all tapes from it before starting.
2. Plug in the power cord, turn on the printer and install the print cartridges. Allow your printer to complete its startup routine, which includes printing of an alignment page (if applicable).
3. Go to the manufacturer's website and download drivers for your printer model.
4. Install the drivers and follow the instructions during hp wireless printer setup process.
5. In the meantime, go to priter's control panel and use wireless printer setup wizard.
6. Identify your wifi network and connect the printer to it using its correct credential.
7. Complete the wireless printer setup process by connecting to your printer model as it would appear during installation.

For more detailed information visit: nter-setup/

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hp wireless printer setup
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